TV Commercial voice over Natural

Little in-house secrets : a big research job for the right voice over was done for this campaign : and about thirty takes were required !
At the beginning of the session I suggested the idea of a calm woman, more mature than what was finally chosen at the end.
The most important thing in a session is to clearly identify the client'sdemands because everyone puts a different meaning behind their own words. In fact, this really applies to everything in life !
So when you are behind the microphone trying to express the expected emotion, there can be a gap between what the client expects and what I understood.
Recording the voice-over in a production is a real team effort.
On site : client + agency + producteur + D.A + sound engineer + actor !
A lot of different opinions, and you know the adage “there’s no accounting for taste.". Which can make a session last forever !
The A.D (Artistic Director) is there to give a vocal direction (Matthieu Devos for this session) : he translates the client's brief so that the actor knows what is expected of him and he takes the actor towards the most accurate interpretation.
To sum up : I am the voice, the feelings, the intentions, and they are the ears.
As a result from vocal trial to vocal trial, we went towards something lighter, younger, naturally confident.
I gave them several good ingredients and the sound engineer then did his own cooking ;-)