We are Virginie Bodin, French female voice over artist,
& Jean-Marc Lancelot, French male voice over artist,
and we live in Paris.

We share the same love for our work, the same dedication
   to giving our very best for our clients’ projects.
Our clientele is composed of producers, advertising agencies,
tv networks, radio stations, as well as prestigious brand names and companies.

They choose us to be their vocal identity,
to embody their values,
to sell their products, to narrate a story,
to portray a character, to speak to a public.
And we are proud that our voices are theirs.

We began working together as voice over artists 30 years ago.
For 30 years we have been practising this art and
for 30 years we have been learning from it.
And over these 30 years a deep friendship grew between us.
It was only natural that we should join our forces in Et Voixlà

(Et Voixlà is a French pun between the meaning of “And that’s It” 
(in French = Et Voilà) and the word “ voice” (in French = voix) :
Et VoiXlà
Now let your ears tell you what you need to know...

Virginie Bodin & Jean-Marc Lancelot

French female voice over artist and French male voice over artist.
French Tv commercials voice over, French radio commercials voice over,
French tv ad films voice over, French tv trailers voice over,
French documentaries voice over, 
French tv show voice over, French corporate voice over,

and other French audiovisual productions voice over.