2012 – 2017 : MY FIRST 5 YEARS TERM !

Tv Commercial voice over Assured French Male voice over
2012 – 2017 : MY FIRST 5 YEARS TERM !

may not be the President of France, but I too have just completed
my first five year term!
Yep, five years already I’ve been the speaker voice (News and Talk) for RMC radio station.

Becoming RMC’s voice over, at the start, was a lot of team effort : we had to work a long time on developing the station’s voice, its character, its rhythm - for France’s 5th most popular radio station.

In the end it was a strong and poised voice that was selected for the job.
Each week I am thrilled to work with this dynamic team who is always open to my suggestions for vocal proposals.

So I’ve decided to run again for a second term as RMC’s voice over with this super resourceful team of people !