It's Spring 1993 – Gien, Loiret
– train platform – the 7:02 train to Paris.
I can still see myself. A mixture of joy
and nervousness, my heart beating fast.
A moment in time,
engraved on my memory.
My very first performance.
My dream becoming a reality and
I can hardly believe it.
And yet.

 Everything began around the age of 10
while listening to the radio.
This mysterious universe which inspired
my imagination and fascinated me.
It was at that time that, without realizing it,
I had found my vocation.
Somehow, I knew that I would go into radio.

 In 1981 thanks to the deregulation
of the FM airwaves in France,
(and a big lie about my age, I was 14 years old)
I made my debut on my county's local radio,
before becoming the director some years later,
opening me to responsibility and teamwork.

 Several acting lessons later,
I became more at ease with my voice,
I came to know it, to master it,
and to use it over the airwaves as well.
Radio is like a theatre stage,
except that the curtain is always down!

 Then advertising became legal on the FM radios
and in 1985 I was asked to do the voice over
for local commercials.

 In 1993 I decided to send my sample voice recordings
to Parisian producing studios
hoping to work on a national level.
One week later, the telephone rang inviting me
to record a television advertisement.
And so I took the train.

 As recording sessions in Paris became more frequent,
in 1995 it was only natural that I should become
a professional voice over and it was time to stop
working at the radio station.
Sometimes one dream gives way to another…

 I am a voice over artist.

 A voice over artist for advertisements,
for radio programmes, for television programmes,
for trailers, for corporate films,
as a narrator of documentaries.

 And I am happy to have trusted
the child that I was.

Jean-Marc Lancelot

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