In the October 2016 Edition of "CALVADOS" n°125, I took part in an interview:
Jean-Marc Lancelot is a voice-over artist. And for the “So 14 tellement Calvados” festivities, his voice is being used for the radio ads running on France Bleu stations. But you are sure to have heard his voice before…
“The voice is like the eyes, it describes the soul, the personality, and the truth of a brand, a radio station, or a TV show. I can act out a text without using my body. With my voice, I interpret the intentions, mood and emotions requested by
the writers or art director. This job is my passion, I love the challenges, diversity and pleasure it brings me and at the same time I appreciate how serious it can get and how little room there is for mistakes. Otherwise, nobody calls you back.”

You can read the entire interview here.