Book promo Radio spot Accomplice

A little anecdote about this recording session...
I was called to this recording without knowing for which book this radio spot was.
Nor had the person in charge told me that I was going to record a duet!
So here I am, arriving one morning at the Maison de la Radio, with a smile on my face!
And I see that a man is also sitting in the booth. I say to myself "I've never worked with this voice over talent, I don't know him".
A few minutes before starting, I hear this person repeating his text in a journalistic tone. I deduce that he is ... a journalist!
And then, while talking to him, I realise that he was the author of this book but also one of the great voices of France Inter Radio (the first radio in France)
Shame, shame, shame! I don't listen to the radio much since I don't do it any more (6 hours of air time a day, that vaccinates you!).
Finally, I admitted to him that I didn't know him and he wasn't at all offended! On the contrary, I think he was even amused!
1,000 apologies Ali!

Ps. I listened to him and the subjects he deals with are very interesting! Very good show! #IDescendOfMyPlanet

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