"What does one's voice reveal ?" On the radio RTL "On est fait pour s'entendre"

I recently took part in a show hosted by Flavie Flament on RTL called “On est fait pour s’entendre” (We were born to get along) and the theme of the day was “What does our voice say about us?”
To listen to this show, click HERE.

I use my voice every day in my profession: I speak directly to a listening audience over the air waves of RTL radio, and my voice is also recorded and used to address a variety of
products and publics. Contrary to on-screen recordings, voice overs (off-screen narration or dialogue) divulge more than one might imagine.

A voice is like a person’s eyes, it is a reflection of the soul, it conveys personality, emotions, meaning, a person’s inner Truth.

The voice is the body, the body is a vessel for self, and the self has feelings.

Feelings are hard to see with your eyes, but can be easily captured through the ears, a shimmer of sensitivity, an unmistakable nuance. When one speaks with true sincerity, the listener is directly filled with a feeling of sincerity.

The Truth speaks from the Heart.

When I am asked to do a female voice over for a commercial or a TV show for example, it’s the same thing, and yet slightly different. The distinction is in the fact that my voice
is recorded; it makes a difference if the listener is actually “there” or not.

That’s what my job is all about.

Here are 3 samples of 3 different approaches: 
Volkswagen, Maybelline New York, Sur le Toit du Monde