Becoming a voice over artist is not a story about my voice.
It is a story about the Heart.
Since the age of 14,
it has always been an obvious choice to me.
It all started at the time of the free FM airwaves in France
when I accidentally came across the radio.

But was it really an accident?

As a radio presenter for local
and then regional radio stations,
at the age of 20 I recorded my first
voice over for a TV commercial.
This motivated me to earn a degree in
communication and advertising media,
and then to go to Paris to work
for a branch radio of the radio station
Rire & Chansons.
At the same time, in 1996,
I signed up for theatre lessons
and I was selected to be the new
female voice over
for Chérie FM radio station.
I then worked for a year at
Radio Nostalgie as a presenter
and interviewer.

 Then on the 6th of September 1998
I met my lucky star:
 RTL the most popular radio in France.
I became an announcer

and I was as proud as ever to be
a part of that galaxy.

And then the years 2000 led me to writing.
Lyrics, texts for the radio and audiovisual productions.
Being a woman of words was indeed
my other vocation.

 In 2010, I co-founded the National Professional
Association of actors of the recorded voice :

I love my career, it gives me room to be creative
and to meet amazing people every day
(clients, agencies, producers, writers,
sound engineers, artistic directors).
It allows me to take part in unique,
creative and exciting projects
and gives me the chance to portray different roles:
the voice over of a young woman,
the voice over of  a loving mother,
that of a seductive and sensual woman,
the voice over of an affirmative working girl…

 Yes, I spent all those years behind a mike,
  going to auditions as they presented themselves.
Yet was it all by chance ?
Perhaps one attracts naturally
that which is the most heartfelt ?

 All that counts is to listen to one’s inner voice,
one’s Heart.
I give you my word.

Virginie Bodin

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